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Handcrafted pens that combine function with beauty.

Handmade hardwood pens made in the USA by A. B. Petrow, using Parker and Cross refills.

If you bought a pen from me at a craft show, you are in the right place.   Click on buttons to take you to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) as well as my artist's statement, some interesting facts about pens, and my guarantee.

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Free Shipping anywhere in the United States. Each pen order will be shipped Priority Mail. USPS, delivery confirmation, which means you will get your pen order in two or three days.  We are shipping same day that we get the order by 1 PM.

I will be selling in San Francisco on Saturday at Justin Herman Plaza by the Ferry building for the next 5 weeks.





February 19-21 Coconut Grove, FL Space 221


March 11-13 Scottsdale, AZ

If you want to know if I am going to be at a specific fair near you, email me at handcraftedhardwoods@yahoo.com

Each of my pens is uniquely shaped. Patterns or templates are not used to guide the tools. My titanium/gold finish is achieved through a physical titanium vapor deposition (tvd) process that involves the vaporization of titanium and gold material from a solid surface.  The material is transported through a proprietary low-pressure gaseous environment an preferred by leading designers and manufacturers. I use this finish on my metal parts on most of my wood pens.  This titanium/gold finish will never wear off.

Working in my workshop in Sonoma County, California.

Hi AB,

I got the package of 5 pen/pencils. They are beautiful!!!

Looking forward to seeing you in Pontiac Michigan for Arts, Eats, and

Beats if you are coming again.

Thanks, R. C.

".... I've gotten stares and compliments on my pen and pencil and you better believe I guard them with my life (smiles). I appreciate fine and unique artwork which is what you create. The price is worth every penny." Adrienne M.

"I just got back from a big art show in Gaithersburg, MD and saw lots of pens but none as nice as yours!!!! My husband smashed my original pen from you in the car door just recently and I'm in the market for another one. It was the space writer with the silver." Sue P.

Dear "AB"

Just received the Space Pen in today's mail. First, thank you for the prompt response.  I certainly did not expect delivery this soon. But most of all, I want to complement you on your work.  Not only the beauty of the work, but the attention to detail; balance, dimensions, even the placement of the clip in such a way that it clips securely to a dress shirt, yet enough spring to allow for a heavier garment. This is truly a work of craftsmanship and art. You know, I hope, that this product is a value worth more than the $39.  I'll be proud to use it and happy to let everyone know where they can buy their own.

Paul. E.

 A. B., I received the pen, its absolutely beautiful.  I will cherish it always!  I have a dilemma now - I'm not sure which one of your great pens I should use, they're both so great!  The engraving came out really nice as well. I can't wait to show it off!

Thanks again, N. C.

Dear A. B.,

 The pens arrived yesterday evening and I am very pleased with them. Thanks for your good artisanship and service. Warmest wishes to you and yours for a blessed Christmas and an enriching New Year. Bob

Yesterday, I bought a beautiful malachite fountain pen from you on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley.  I just love it!  Thank you, so much, for crafting it.  The balance is perfect, and I particularly like the smooth lines of the barrel.  (So many "art" pens have a sharp transition from the nib to the barrel -- a feature that makes it uncomfortable to write for any length of time.) While I was shopping at your booth, you showed me an equally lovely lapis lazuli fountain pen.  It has been burning a hole in my imagination ever since.  As I mentioned when we met yesterday, I used to cut cabochon gemstones years ago -- mostly malachite and lapis.  Since I am also a fountain pen collector, pens made out of these two stones hold special meaning for me.  Elizabeth

My in-laws bought me one of your pens for my birthday at the Lincoln

Center Crafts Show in New York. I am a pen collector and this is a

beautiful addition to my collection. You do great work, thanks.

Sincerely, Jon W.

"Just received my latest order! Can hardly wait to gift one of my employees on her birthday. Gee, that was fast service...Thanks, again...Toni W.

"I bought one of your pens in September 2001 at a Craft Fair on the plaza by

Lincoln Center in NYC, and I love it.  I recently went to a pen store on

West 46th - Arthur Brown & Co. -  in order to buy a refill for the first

time and brought the pen with me.  The clerk was most impressed with your

craftsmanship and asked about it, as he thought the management might be

interested in carrying your line.  I mentioned I probably had your contact

info and would forward it to him if he was interested.  I just dug out your

warranty card, and thought I would contact you first, in the event that you

prefer for whatever reason that I do not do so.  Figured it couldn't hurt to

ask."  J. E.  

"Many thanks, for the info (about the web site)!!! The pen I purchased was a gift. My sister-in-law loved it... you saved my life...she's hard to buy gifts for...again thanks."  Susan O.

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